At Minka Dink London, we are committed to promoting sustainability practices and a ‘slow fashion’ ethos wherever possible.

We are aware sustainability is a hugely critical issue within the fashion industry, and it is therefore constantly at the forefront of our minds.

Our aim is to create beautiful products that make you feel your best, but we believe that doesn’t have to come at the cost of the planet.


Our products are manufactured in the UK, Vietnam and Turkey. All the factories implement sustainable production practices, reduce waste and conserve resources.

We only work with suppliers and manufacturers who share the same values as us and are committed to ethical labour practices. All the employees have good working environments, are paid a competitive wage and have regular breaks and holidays.

The majority of our fabrics and trims are sourced from local fabric shops in London. Wherever possible we use organic cotton and recycled polyester and offcuts of trims.


We have worked hard to find manufacturers that work with small order quantities, and therefore, we produce our products in very small batches to reduce waste as much as possible.

We also have Sample Sales twice a year, where we sell products with slight defects and other samples that haven’t made it to full production, in order to give every item a home. Any items not sold in our sample sales are then donated to charity.


We offset all our carbon emissions caused by the transportation of our goods. All our packaging is recyclable, but also very sturdy, so you are able to use the package multiple times. All our insert cards and tissue paper and 100% recyclable.

We chose our fulfilment centre based on their ESG efforts. The fulfilment centre is partly powered by solar power and their carrier networks use electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce the carbon foot print.

Furthermore, they operate a ‘paper-free picking’ system, whereby no paper sheets are used to pack your orders. They use handheld digital devices which save up to 1,500 pieces of paper every single day.