Minka Dink London was formerly ‘Made by Minnie’ which began as a 2020 COVID lockdown project, where I was hand-sewing tops and bags and selling them on Depop.

In my final year of university, I sent my designs off to be manufactured and Minka Dink London, as it is today, began in April 2021.

I started a full time job in London in September 2021, so Minka Dink was very much a side hustle at this point. I was packaging all the orders from home, posting them out in the evenings and on lunch breaks.

With the help of social media and a few amazing influencer collaborations, our sales kept increasing, and I then took on Minka Dink full-time in June 2022.

My career in fashion is definitely unconventional having studied Politics at Exeter Uni and my first job after University being a corporate role, I really had absolutely no experience in fashion whatsoever before starting Minka Dink, and the majority of it has been self taught.

I have always based my designs on clothes that I want for myself, that I can wear on multiple occasions. I see huge value in versatile clothing and want them to be worn at any and every occasion!

Thank you to everyone in our amazing community for making Minka Dink the brand it is today. As a business that started as lockdown side hustle from my university bedroom, where we are today is something I never thought would be possible. Thank you for all the love and support, and hopefully this is just the beginning!